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Feb 01, 2012
by: Tereza

Hi...i had the same problem...just change the bedding for more expensive one...that was the only thing that helped me.

Feb 01, 2012
ad Behaviour
by: Beatrice

I think that she is trying to establish her territory, maybe she is insecure. Has she always done this? Is this new? does she feel threatened by a new cat at home or in the neighbourhood? Clean out the cat lit well as there might be a smell there that she doesn't like. Have you changed the cat litter?

Hope this helps.

Beatrice from Ireland.

Feb 01, 2012
She needs to be checked by a vet
by: angelina diantonio

Sounds like she has a problem.Maybe urinary or a bladder infection.She needs to be checked out by a vet asap.

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