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Dec 08, 2015
Seal-point traits
by: Heidi

I have two male seal-point siamese.. My elder is 7 and younger is 1. They both wag their tails like dogs but only my younger plays fetch.. Acually he is a ball horter.. If its small and round he will take it hide it and later bring it for you to My elder just watches.. they are both opposites. My elder is what my kids say "ANTI SOCIAL" except for with me and the younger is a love bug.. Purrs and drools are daily..but only from my younger... When i am sick or down they are both cuddled in my lap.. They both are in my option better than a dog.. Great companions and not big talkers.

Jul 19, 2012
A Siamese Trait
by: Anonymous

I don't know why Siamese fetch and the others don't but it is just in their breed. Our Snowshoe kitten, (snowshoe cats are part Siamese) loves to fetch too. But my Himalayan, which is a Siamese Mix breed doesn't. It's just one of the many mysteries of the Siamese.

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