by Rachel

When would a Siamese kitten be able to leave its mother?

We are getting one and need to do some research before we get it. Any ideas?


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Mar 27, 2011
ideal age to get a kitten
by: Charlie

I would say 6 weeks when they are usually weaned.
when you go to get one and you haven't picked one yet, stand about 10 feet away from them and talk to them, introduce yourself and tell them what their home will be like and then ask them who wants to come home with you and i guarantee at least one will come tto you. have you decided whether your getting a male or female? if you get a male he must be nuetered before he starts spraying, an unneutered cat is a horrorable cat, he only comes home to eat and will cover every square inch of outside walls,cars,boats on trailers,sheds and a barbecue with their wicked smelling urine.
when they are out and about fighting and mating they suffer,after mating the female beats up the male.
free roaming unneutered male cats should be illegal and their owners jailed or fined big.
unneutered cats for breeding should have a BIG cathouse to permanetly live in,downwind from the house and designed to be easily hosed out.
BUT once a male is neutered (it is hard to do to the poor boy, but)he will become the best pet ever, free to use his high intelligence and be calm and cool and give you heaps of love,freed from the urge to conquer and reproduce.the only drawback is he MIGHT still wander now and then and fight as my mako did.

a desexed female is quieter and will not wander but will have 75% personality of a male.

i hope you end up with cats like mine and you will be very happy.
keep us informed.

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