by Cath
(Sydney Australia)

Chaizie is a beautiful seal point siamesey. His best friend (other than his obedient human) is Dharma- a brown oriental. Dharmie is the boss of the house, but Chickie won her over on day 1.

Chickie is a tiny wheezy with the biggest voice. He bosses his humans around and falls into people's laps head first (then his body just slides in). He taunts and teases Dharmie to play, and spends lots of time whizzing round the house squeaking - a high pitched hmmmmmmmm -
Chickie and Dharmie are both bed hogs - Chickie is the worst - you put him under the doona, and he will stay there all day - with just his nose stuck out. He sometimes gets accidently sat on as a result. But it taskes him at least three goes before he will settle. his poor human gets sore arms holding the doona open for him to inspect.
His favourite spot (other than in bed), is the top of the washing machine (he can only jump upwards that far - any further is impossible - if going upwards, but can jump down). Walking past the washing machine is dangerous as you will be grabbed by a paw.
He is also a scardy cat - very very highly strung, and easily scared. When he is missing, he is generally under the bed - inside the lining of the bed base. Only way of locating him is to lie on the floor with a torch.......

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Apr 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

cute lol :)

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