Coco and Dominic

I have a 2.5 yr old male siamese cat, Dominic, who generally is very intelligent, loving, sociable and comical, not a nasty bone in his body. I live most of the time with my partner now but the cat lives with my 21 year old daughter. I spend 2 nights a week at my flat with my daughter and the cat. I have just got a 15 week old puppy Pomeranian who has the most delightful adorable temperament and never barks yelps or whines. I wanted to be able to take him with me when I spend these nights at my flat but Dominic didnt seem at all keen last night. He meowed quite loudly, his tail went all bushy (but not the rest of his coat) and his eyes went black. He chased the pup a bit and a couple of times tried to lash out with his paw (unsure whether he had his claws out though). The pup seemed unconcerned except when Dominic kept following him about. We couldnt leave the 2 of them in the room together for fear something might happen to either of them. We spent all night on tenterhooks before finally retiring to bed with the cat and pup in separate bedrooms. My cat pooed on the carpet in the hall this morning for the first time ever also. My daughter is considering getting her own Pom pup in the next few months and is now worried that the cat will never accept him and may start fouling the flat (he is an indoor cat by the way). Has anybody any advice and do you think its the right thing to do to take my pup there for just 2 nights each week?

Help !!!!!

Denise, Grays, Essex

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Jan 19, 2011
by: judy from Long Island

It's not unusual for a cat to take offense when a dog comes into its domain, particularly if it's been the king of the castle. Dogs are generally more willing to accept the addition of a new cat.

I would never leave them alone and would not allow your puppy to invade Dominic's space. It's possible that Dominic could actually hurt Coco, rather than the other way around. If you have a doggy gate and can put Coco behind the gate so Dominic can get used to her being there and feel less threatened, that would be a wise course of action.

Also, if you're feeling very anxious, it's going to communicate itself to both pets, so try to calm down and make their time together a pleasant experience. Both pets are beautiful.

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