color change in my 8 month sealpoint Sealpoint Siamese

Is that normal for my Siamese to have color change on her face and tail and feet were very black at 4 months old? Now here legs have turned brown and are getting lighter all the time as new fur grows in. Her face, other than her nose, is also "fading". The under side of her tail is also fading (more than the top side). At the same time, her belly, especially between her back legs is getting dark. It is all very strange to me.

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May 18, 2019
Change of color in Siamese Cat
by: Lynn

Since the color of the Siamese cat is temperature sensitive, you will see a change in the points as the weather changes. As it gets colder, the points will become darker. Also, as your Siamese cat ages, it seems that they become darker and darker. Every type of Siamese cat will go through these color changes, it seems to be more dramatic in the Seal points. I have a lynx gray point Siamese and her entire body turned grey during the winters with her points being a darker tabby grey stripped. Got to love these cats who change color, they are so beautiful.


Jul 26, 2011
Fading Brown
by: Anonymous

I too have a Siamese Chocolate Point who was born with a very dark brown nose that has now turned pink at the end in the shape of the top of a heart. Her fur is whitening around her eyes and her ears are now "freckled" with white fur. The vet didn't know what it was either. The vet actually thought the kitten rubbed her fur off her nose but then investigated further. I would be interested in any information you uncover in your search too. My Siamese girl is now 4 years old and she continues to "freckle" and her face is whitening.

I have never had Siamese before so I do not have a clue what might be happening to her. She is always happy and is my Burmese girl's best friend.

We did find out recently that she is lactose intolerant.... I wonder if that has something to do with it. We tried a new Friskies canned food with cheese... really bad. She had diarrhea for a week and then we went to the vet and she put her on medicine and diagnosed her with the lactose intolerance.

Both cats now get just one flavor of food and one brand. I know it doesn't make either one of them sick.

So maybe there's a correlation in that somewhere....

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