Commercial Cat Food

Commercial Cat Food

Commercial cat food is researched and formulated to provide enough animal protein and other essential nutrients to keep cats in good health. Even though feline nutrition is an entire field of its own, we do not have to be experts to provide the proper nourishment for our kitties. The pet food Industry follows strict guide lines established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). AAFCO sets up food nutrient profiles, testing protocols, and labeling regulations. All the major pet food manufactures uses the protocols set by AAFCO as the standard for formulating the nutrient content of their products.

The pet food industry offers a multitude of nutritionally complete cat food that is 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for cats. They come in three basic types:

• Canned (wet)

• Semi moist (soft dry)

• Dry

Besides the three basic types, cat foods are packaged based on whether they are generic (economy brands), popular (supermarket brands), and premium. The premium brands are sold mainly by pet stores and veterinarians. Premium brands are considered to have higher quality ingredients and are usually more expensive. Wal-Mart, the big monopoly department store in the US, sells some of the premium cat foods such as “Iams”.

Many of the commercially produced cat foods are nutritionally formulated to meet specific life cycle needs of cats. There are kitten formulas, adult formulas, and formulas for weight control, senior care, hairball control, dental care, urinary tract health, organic, and indoor cat formula.

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