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Feb 13, 2012
2 is better than 1!
by: Anonymous

I had a pair of siamese from the same litter and when the male died, I picked up another siamese kitten (female like the one left behind). However, I found that the kitten was, well, a kitten and that my 14 yr old cat didn't appreciate her at all! So, we brought in yet another siamese kitten (male) and it worked out perfectly! The kittens would run around and play while the older cat would "bathe" them and cuddle with one or both of them. Fast forward 2 years later and they are doing great together!
Your cat will be fine with either one or two kittens around, no worries!

Jan 21, 2012
Cat passed away
by: John

Hi John,

I'm sorry that your cat passed away. That is a young age for death in a cat. I think it is best if you get another female. If you get a male, they will be very territorial, so I suggest a female kitten and she will grow up looking up to the present incumbent, who will always be boss and then both will be happy.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Beatrice from Ireland.

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