Crazy Kittens!

by Veronica
(Winnipeg, Canada)

Wasabi and Ginger at 3.5 months

Wasabi and Ginger at 3.5 months

Wasabi and Ginger are probably the wildest kittens around. They jump on the kitchen counter(Ginger sits in the sink), they crawl on the tv stand and rip important papers. All of this stuff is normal for a kitten. Of course though, they are only 9 months so they have a good excuse.

My mom is always hoping that they will be less crazy when they are older. Ginger is a chocolate point while her brother Wasabi looks nothing like her. He has linx markings and is gray, not white. We also used the idea from this website to make a playhouse out of boxes. It really works so you should try it.
I also thought of this idea. You take a string and tie a toy ball to the end of the string, then you tie the top of the string to a doorknob. My kittens bat it around and have a ball! My siamese kittens are very loving and affectionate.

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Sep 04, 2011
by: Lynn

Your sweet kittens are very lucky to have such a great home with lots of love and play. They are so adorable, and there names are just as cute as they are... it fits them well.

My kitties love boxes and strings too.

Thanks for sharing,


Sep 04, 2011
by: angelina diantonio

Keep us updated with wonderful pictures and stories as they grow !!! They are both so precious !!!

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