Crazy Siamese

by Renata

I am going through a really hard time at the moment. I think my Siamese Jerry is mentally challenged. When we got him 6 years ago as a 1 year old, he would not leave his basket for 3 months. He would peek out of the laundry for a few minutes each day. Then we made the big mistake of letting him out with our other cats. Well - last month he was caught by the ranger and we nearly lost him. I kept him inside for 1 month and I myself was starting to go mental. He paces around the couch and table (in a figure 8) and meows all the time. He will sleep on the couch for 10 minutes and then he will go back to his routine of pacing the kitchen. I put him during the day in the cat enclosure and he does the same thing. I think my neighbors are going to complain soon. I feel so sorry for my Ragdoll - Tinkerbell as she has had enough of him also. Now I am starting to let him out again as this is the only time he is happy. But the problem with this is that he is fighting and spraying like a tom cat. I can't understand as he has been fixed since a kitten. I love him to death and he is just beautiful when he is happy but I can only take so much. Any advice will be appreciated :(

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Apr 03, 2012
Crazy Siamese
by: Renata

Thanks Beatrice. I really feel the same way. I think it is so cruel what Jerry is going through. He is so unhappy and I really feel sorry for him. The only problem is that my kids don't want to lose him again so they don't want me to let him out. I was thinking of getting Oscillot on the fences so he can't jump over but it is so expensive. We'll see what happens.

Apr 03, 2012
Crazy Siamese
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

I think Jerry just wants to get out and patrol the territory, that is why he is doing the figure of 8 just like those poor demented tigers we used to see in zoos years ago, he has all of that suppressed passion and hormones raging inside him, even if he is fixed, he is quite clearly an Alpha male.

My Lilac Burmese is the same, I tried to keep him in but he was like Houdini and broke out of everything. He was banned from every cattery up and down the country becuase he chewed bolts to get out and broke the most intricate cat flaps, so after a while I just gave up. He disappeared for 9 days and eventually turned up. The vet said that he had wandered up to 50 kms, his paw pats were in such a mess with little patches of hard skin from walking on dried mud. I suspect Jerry is the same, leave him out, you'll never have any freedom and let nature take its course. Cats are wild creatures by nature and millions of years away from domesticity compared with dogs.

Hope this helps, maybe not, but maybe it will help you to understand Jerry a bit more. The other thing is that there is probably another male in the vicity whom he smells even if he is inside and he is going demented because the male is spraying his territory around the house and he wants desperately to get out.

Beatrice from Ireland.

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