Crystal vs the Snake.

by charlie

Crystal had 6 kittens in her 1st litter,they were puurrrfect! one night i was woken by this real loud cat wailing and hissing, i ran to the bathroom where they were and just as i got there, out slithered a 6 - 7 ft carpet snake (python) chased by crystal hissing and clawing at it! she chased it out of the house. 1 kitten had bite marks on its lower end but fully recovered.

for the next 6 months crystal always laid down in a spot where she could watch where the snake exited the house.

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Feb 28, 2011
by: angelina diantonio

I would have been scared to bits.I hate snakes.What a beauty and thank god she took over and was not afraid of the snake.Did you keep all the kittens?Would love to see more pictures.

Feb 27, 2011
by: Darnel

what an amazing moment for you and your kitty. I can't believe some of the things cats will do. My moms cat chased away a centipede that was about a foot long out from under our house and watched over the house to make sure it never came back. Cats are so amazing.

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