cure for migraine

by bronny

Marcus was a total gentleman of a cat. A seal point male, he was adorable. We also had a choc point female-Samantha. Where Sam would 'ask' permission to crawl under the blankets with me, Mooey (aka Marcus) would always sleep at the foot of the bed, or behind our knees on top of the bed.

I had come home from work with a massive migraine,, you know the type,, hurts to sit, sleep, lie down, breathe, talk, open your eyes, close your eyes, to cry,,,, a real world of pain!!! I took meds and went to bed,, trying to get to sleep. Samantha crawled into bed with me,, purring her head off like she always did, and the man Mooey,, he laid down at the end of the bed as usual,, then after a while I felt him walking up the bed,, even that small movement hurt- he then curled himself up on my pillow,, hes belly on the top of my head and purring,, he sounded like a freight train to my poor aching head.
When I woke up a few hours later, there was the Moo, still wrapped around my head. My headache wasnt all thta much better and ended up in hospital, but the Moo never ever slept like that again. I know that was hes way of helping me when I was in pain. RIP my beautiful man Moo xx

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Oct 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

have recently become the proud human to another male seal point,, I have called him Oskar!,,,
another beautiful little man,, although the 'kisses' at 2am arent all that much appreciated, lololol ,, he even 'grooms my eyebrows for me, how thoughtful is he :), hes nickname is 'the moo',, he reminds me so much of my Marcus xxx

Jun 14, 2011
Cure for Migraines?
by: Anonymous

Very interesting; I thought for sure Mooey was going to be a cure for headaches. I just love it when Zeus purrs. It's so comforting.

May 25, 2011
by: Rebecca W.A.

What a fabulous story. Siamese seem to have a connection with their owners. Just goes to show chivalry is not dead :)

Apr 03, 2011
Beautiful story !
by: angelina diantonio

They always know when we need them !!!!!!!!!!!!

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