My siamese is a kitten, lethargic, breathing is eratic, wheezing, not eating, she lost bladder control

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Feb 23, 2012
sick kitty NEW
by: Vanessa-Ann

sounds like plurisy - your kitty might have been scratched or bitten by another cat and now liquid id building up in the plural cavity in her chest..vet treatment is VITAL, so the fluid can be drained etc. Doesn't sound good at all, heres hoping things aren't too late.

Feb 23, 2012
Darlene NEW
by: Beatrice

YOur kitten won't last without some help from the vet, these little animals have tiny lungs and heart and can be gone in minutes. Make an appointment immediately for the vet, sounds like a pneumonia.

Beatrice from Ireland.

Feb 23, 2012
Take her to the Vet!!!! NEW
by: angelina diantonio

She needs help by a Vet!!!!!

Feb 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

Take it to the vet immediately!!!

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