Deb Houston

by Deb
(Marston, NC, US)

I love my Siamese baby soooo much, however since the day we got her she needs to be warm or hot. I lived in New England and she was always either on the cable box for warmth ( in July 90 degrees) or in NC where we have relocated to, she has to be on my bed wrapped up in her own quilt. Is this normal? My AC is set at 77 degrees so yes there is no humidity. She has always been like this, she is 5 yrs old is this normal?

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Sep 13, 2012
Mine do the same. NEW
by: angelina diantonio

My house in the summer I will have the air conditioning on a normal temperature. My babies will go up to our loft and sunbathe under my sky window. Then they will go down to my computer room and sunbathe in the window seats. It could be so hot and they will find an even hotter spot. They always snuggle under some blanket or warm spot. It is very normal. Their bodies have the same needs as ours.I myself love the hot weather also. I only keep the air conditioner on for my husband.

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