Dimitri the Russian Lynx Point Siamese Cat

by Kristen M.



In Florida, I used to live with a Russian family who had moved here from Moscow a few years before. They introduced me to a few of their friends from Russia, and one of them had a bunch of Lynx Point Siamese kittens. The mother cat, the Siamese part of the equation, had two litters in the time that I lived with the family.

I was going to get a kitten from the first litter--she's the smaller kitten shown--but Mila ended up giving her away. I got another of her kittens: a black cat, silver tabby mix. I named her Ana, but I mostly use her nickname Anya or Anechka. I'm pretty sure she has Siamese in her genetics somewhere, because of her face shape and personality, but I'm not entirely sure.
I was sad that I didn't get my siamese, silver tabby mix at the time, but when my little Dima was born in the next litter, I fell in love! He is adorable and very loving.
Unfortunately, when he was five weeks old, my ex-boyfriend put an entire tube of flea medicine that was in my apartment on him when I wasn't in the room, without reading the directions (this flea medicine was meant for a 90 pound dog!!!) Luckily, I was home at the time. I immediately took the kitten to the bathroom sink and gave him a bath (getting scratches all over my arms and hands in the process) and called the vet. I didn't have any money at the time to even do anything for him if he did overdose, but I felt helpless and calling them at least gave me information: they told me to watch out for seizures, spacing out staring at nothing, and drooling.
He must be a little miracle kitty because he lived, although he is mentally retarded and has extreme social anxiety with anyone except for me. Despite being off, he is happy. He loves playing with jingle balls and pens, staring off into space, taking naps next to his mommy, and as he's gotten older he has gotten more and more vocal. He doesn't get along with other animals, except for Skittles the guinea pig. He loves laying in Skittles's cage and cuddling with the little guy.
I'm so thankful my baby Dima lived, and I love everyday with him :)

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Jul 03, 2013
Oh poor baby!!!
by: angelina diantonio

I will tell you my kitten had a reaction to too much flea meds also.It was way too much!!!!!!My husband did not read the directions before he put it on.My kitten lost all back hair and his back was so hot it felt like fire.I went to GNC and bought 100% pure aloe Vera gel.I applied the gel like 6 times a day or more till the heat went away.It took almost a year before his hair grew in and to this day( three years later)it grew in course in that area!!! He is soft as butter everywhere else.What do they put in those flea meds????

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