Distraught Siamese?

by Kathy

I have a male Siamese, Simon who lost his sister almost three months ago. He yowl's all day long and wants attention all of the time. (he was very vocal before, but not this bad)I tried introducing him to another adult cat and he attacked her. He really wasn't very nice to his sister either, but they did cuddle together and play once in a while. I work from home so I can give him lots of attention, but he still seems unhappy or bored. He loves stroller rides but the snow will be coming soon. I thought about getting a new kitten, but don't know if it would help or hurt. Any suggestions?

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Mar 29, 2012
by: Kay

Our 2 year old Sealpoint Siamese cat also lost his brother three weeks ago. He has been more vocal than before, now sleeps on my bed, also bored, as they used to play around together all day and slept together. I am home all day and spend a lot of time with him, we brush him regularly and keep a close eye on him. The first two days after the accident he threw up his food, but since then is eating normally. We have been thinking about trying to get another cat from the same parents, but not sure if that would overcome his grief or that they would get on together; it may never be the same. Tonight he walked over to the TV when an ad came on with a man holding a cat that looked very similar to his brother - he sat there for ages just watching. It's so sad.

Dec 17, 2011
Siamese in mourning
by: Kimberly

My siamese lost his brother 3 weeks ago, and I thought about getting another cat too. I think giving him lots of love has proven most helpful. He sleeps with me, and lounges alot, but does play too. I am nervous about getting another cat right now, so will just see how he takes to being my only cat. Good luck

Nov 29, 2011
I work from home also.
by: angelina diantonio

It helps that you work from home.He is in mourning and needs lots of comforting.Just give him love and affection.If you want to introduce another cat or kitten you could think about introducing them first.Check your local Humaine Societies or Siamese Rescues.Tons of cats and kittens need good homes.He may not like another cat.I would test the waters first.Keep us posted.

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