Diva, my Woodstock Meezer

by Sharon Smith
(Netcong, NJ)

My Woodstock kitty

My Woodstock kitty

I had always wanted to be owned by a Siamese. However, at the same time, I am a very firm believer in adopting from either a shelter or rescue organization. My brother kept telling me that Siamese do not get along with other breeds and I do have other cats but he found out otherwise and gave me his blessing to get one.

So I searched and searched and one day, I saw a beautiful Siamese at a shelter in the Catskills of NY state. I called and left word for them to call thinking they would never call. At the same time, I really wanted to try one of the shelters by my brother first. Well, this Saturday morning, I was on my way to my brother's and the lady about the Siamese in the Catskill's called. As soon as I got to my brother's, I asked him if he felt like taking a ride to NY state for a Siamese. It was a gorgeous, warm winter's day and he said he did providing the shelter near him didn't have any. They did not and arrangements were made to go up to Saugerties, NY which is near Woodstock I had already named her Diva before I even met her.

I brought her home but she was not the typical mischievious Siamese that I had watched on Youtube. She was very shy and a little aloof. It did not help that one of my cats, Mischief, bullied her. Well fastforward 6 months now and she is the best. She will lie in my arms and watch TV and she talks to me and looks at me with her blue eyes. I just love her so much!!!

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Sep 18, 2009
Sweet Diva
by: lynn@we-are-siamese.com

I love the Name!
Your story brings happy tears to my eyes. I encourage all to go to Shelters to get their cats. Even if we acquire our Siamese from breeders, shelters, or they show up at our door, we love them the same.


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