Dominics poor eating

by Denise
(Essex, UK)

My male siamese is nearly 3 years old. He has always been a slim cat and we have never encouraged giving titbits while we eat but over the last few weeks I have noticed how much weight he seems to have lost, I can feel his spine through his fur. He has always been a bit of a picky eater but now seems to have lost interest in his food, eating only ham and odd bits of chicken and licking the gravy off his catfood, he likes his biscuits but even then has stopped eating as many of these, he drinks plenty of water and is an indoor cat. Can anybody shed any light on why he has suddenly gone off his food and how I can tempt him to start eating properly again.

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Mar 30, 2011
by: angelina diantonio

He might have a thyroid or some medical problem.I would get him checked at the vet.

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