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Jan 02, 2012
Follow-up on Hiding Kitten
by: Anonymous

It sounds like you are doing everything right, and she just needs time to adjust. Continue to follow her lead...if she wants to "escape" after being petted, let her run. You might try timing your contact with her and gradually increase the time she is petted. With humans, it's called desensitization (gradual exposure). She may always have a limit on contact...I have 4 Siameses, and my female has always made her own rules. But, I suspect that she'll come around and get closer to you with a little more time.

Jan 01, 2012
Kitten hiding
by: Donald Bigger

Us is my wife and I, We are retired and are home a lot. The house somewhat quiet, just the tv going and our normal household chores. We have already done what you said. This is the fifth day. She has allowed us to pet her, but if you pick her up and hold her for awhile and let her go, she takes off like a jet. We did discover that she tried to eat too much at once, so we limited her intake of food. When we go to bed at night she prowls around the house to check out her environment. So I think she will come around. Anything else you can help us with would be appreciated. Thank you for your input, it did help.

Jan 01, 2012
Dont worrey
by: Anonymous

i also brought a 4 month old siamese, he was too shy on 1st day, it get 3 days to him to be comfortable with us, and at 4rth day he was with us like he was born here, I love my cat, its been 3 weeks and he is completely comfortable, I suggest dont let him out of ur sight for min 2 days more. always keep him company, try to sit close to him, look at him often gently, with smile. touch him pat him, put litter in same room, it might disturb but after she gets comfi u can place the litter else ware
Good luck

Jan 01, 2012
Kitten Hiding
by: Anonymous

You don't say who "us" is....two adults, a very busy household, quiet or noisy home?

Cats/kittens are very much like people when they are in unfamiliar environments. They need a chance to get adjusted. I would recommend your letting the kitten do what it needs to do. Place food, water, and a litter box near by, and then be patient. Imagine going in to a new home and being there for only 24 hours, and ask yourself, "Would I be comfortable?" Speak softly to the kitten, give it a chance to know your voice, and give it time to approach. If you have more variables to consider and post again, I would be glad to advise further. Good luck!

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