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Feb 16, 2012
Happy to hear!
by: my2wins

thanks for reporting back, I'm really happy to hear back that everything with China is better.

Feb 16, 2012
My reply to my2wins
by: Dr Gerald Phillips

Hello my2wins
I have replied fully to you but it is not on screen. I hope it pops up later. Essentially it was praise for your suggestions. Also that China, after visiting a homeopathic vet is going great guns.

Kindest wishes

Feb 16, 2012
My reply to my2wins
by: Dr Gerald Phillips

Hello, Sorry I have been so long in replying. I must thank you for the suggestion of the homeopathic book and the webpage link.

I have good news. China is very much better. She no longer pees on the bed nor anywhere else. She is still constipated. My wife and I took China to a homeopathic vet who suggested freshly cooked chicked with some bran and a little olive oil in it. Also to keep her from stress at all times. China's pooing is still rather intermittent but she is passing healthy stools when she does go. She is very happy but hates her routine being broken. Yesterday my wife for the first time in over twenty years felt too ill to go to work and so stayed in bed all day. China spent the whole day sleeping on Glenys's pillows. She attempted to wake Glenys when it cane to her (China's) tea time. She had to put up with me feeding her. After initial protestation she decided to eat my offerings and was satisfied.

I hope this gives you a good insight into China's progress. There is much to be said for homeopathic vets. We'll stick with her.

Feb 03, 2012
reply to your note and book referral
by: my2wins

Dr Phillips, I just saw this note and was wondering how China is. I don't quite know how to use this system yet, and forgot to ask for replies.

It sounds to me like your kitty needs a holistic vet. Or if that is not possible, I have recently found a very good book referral and I ordered the book myself and it arrived yesterday.

Title: Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs by Donald Hamilton (1999, Paperback): Small Doses for Small Animals


I buy many of my books on where they are a fraction of the price, but most are gently used. I've purchased dozens of books from this web site for almost ten years so I can say its very dependable.

I hope to hear how things are going wth China, and I think you should listen to your instincts which are very good.

Jan 30, 2012
China Peeing on Bed(s)
by: Dr Gerald Phillips

Hello I would like to reply to 'my2wins' and 'Beatrice' but I am not familiar with the system.

In case you both read this. China has peed on my bed as well as Glenys's She suffers froms megacolon and cystitis. When my carer came in today after a weeksholiday she said "MY God China looks ill" China has her own spare bedroom which she stays in most of the day until my wife comes home. I agree with you about the dried food but the vet said "If that is all she will eat give it to her" A problem for me is that our usual vet has been very ill for two months and although expected back in February she will only work one or two days a week. That said the vet who saw China is known to me and is usually very good. I really did find the advice from you you both most invaluable and I thank you for it. My gut, however, is telling me that there is something very wrong with China. Also she hasn't had a poo for about a fortnight. The reason that the vet gave for not prescribing antibiotics is "THey are expensive if they don't work" While this is true if they haven't been tried we won't know. All that said I am heavily with you both when you talk about the urinating being behavioural. China likes where her litter tray is placed and I can't help but think if she had an overriding desire to pee which could not be controlled, why doesn't she go on the carpet ? I am with China all day long so she has plenty of time with me. When Glenys is due home she starts meowing and pacing until she arrives then wants to sit with her. I am writing this in a rather bitty way but I shall put my foot down on the dried food. Beatrice and my2wins I have found your advice invaluable. China is due back at the vets tonight so I will post a quick note on how things went. I do hope that you get this as you have helped me to not feel so isolated in this. I can't get to the vet because of a very serious neurological disorder. Kindest Wishes Gerald

Jan 30, 2012
Urinating cat
by: Beatrice

Dear Dr. Phillips,

If China is only urinating on your wife's bed and not on yours, I suspect that there is no underlying medical condition, and especially now that the UTI has resolved. This seems to be some kind of psychological thing on China's part and I do not think that any change in diet or new medication will do the trick.! She may be trying to establish her own smells and persona on your wife's bed as she feels that she, your wife, and China are both competing for your affection, especially as she doesn't urinate on your bed. We have a chocolate Siamese and she loves my husband, and our Lilac Burmese male prefers me. I suspect that this is some old rivalry and probably bound up with territorial rights and hormones.

Would it be possible if you just made sure she doesn't go into your wife's bedroom and if she does, give her a little tap and let her know that this sort of behaviour is not acceptable. I used to use the plug in scent Feriwell ( or however it is spelt) but stopped it as after a while it was ineffective and somebody told me it was dangerous to leave something such as this with liquid near a plug! It could potentially cause a fire. Siamese cats are very sensitive animals and highly intelligent and they do not like to upset their owners on whom they are dependant, so I think that a bit of training is what is required for China ( what a lovely name for a Siamese).

Hope this helps. You could end up spending a fortune on vets and while they are good for diagnosing pathology, they are on the whole not much good when it comes to animal psychology.

Kind regards,

Beatrice from Wicklow in Ireland.

Jan 30, 2012
to the Loo with You
by: my2wins

It might be more compatible for everyone if you put the cat in a small room or spare bathroom (Loo) at night until you sort out her medical condition.

We've always slept with our animals, but as we approach our mid life, sleep and bedding cleanliness takes precedence over cuddles.

Our kittens have a soft bed, and lots of water in their room. We put them to bed when all the lights are out, and we bring them out first thing int the morning.

On another note, you might consider trying a raw diet for your cat. This is the newest thinking on how to give a cat optimal health. You might find this turns her health around completely. more info if you google "raw diet cat" or look here For most cat owners, it's quite revolutionary thinking, and well worth looking into if you care to optimize her health.

If nothing else, discontinue dry food immediately, as it is very likely wreaking havoc in her urinary system. If you can find a canned "grain free" cat food immediately you may find her health improves dramatically. (I use BG "Before Grain," and Wellness Core, but there are a lot of options if you do some research).

And after she's well, I'd still have her sleep in the spare loo. :}

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