Female Siamese question

by LindaP

I have two Siamese cats a female 3 years and a male two years. I live in a second floor flat with private balcony. Both my cats are indoor cats. Every time I open the front door to go out or come home my female runs out on the balcony and starts rolling around on her back and rubbing her head and face on the ground. She never does this on the private balcony and has now started to try an go onto the stairs to do it. The male sits and watches but never bothers to go out and join her.

Can anyone tell me why she does this. At first I thought she liked the feel of the cold ground on her face but see never does it on her private balcony now she tries to wonder off when the door opens. Both cats have been desexed.
She doesn't run off just roll around rubbing her face.

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Jun 11, 2013
Female Siamese question
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

I expect it is the joy of going outside and getting smells and rubbing her nose in the earth, something quite primeval that she will not get indoors. I appreciate that people living in apartments have no choice but to keep their cats indoors, but cats are largely wild, no matter what their pedigree, and the call of the wild is still very strong in them. My chocolate point Siamese who is also three loves to roll around the patio outside and rub her nose into and up and down the cement as if she is really savouring it. I would imagine it is her way of identifying with all those ancient primitive genes!

All the best,

Beatrice from Ireland.

Jun 11, 2013
Just like my girl kitty
by: My2wins (California)

Sounds like she's experiencing a little bit of Joie de Vivre. Like the indoor kitty equivalent of feeling the wind in her face.

It's probably a combination of the joy seeing you come home, coupled with a nice big sniff of the earth beneath her (even if its just balcony).

My little girl Siamese does the same thing every single night when she sees me come downstairs. She plops down at the foot of the stairs and starts rolling around as if to ask for a little tummy rub, and whether or not she gets one, she rolls around giving herself a little back massage.

My boy Siamese doesn't do this, although he does flip in front of the fridge when anyone walks by, as if to ask for a treat. (We keep his chicken jerky in the freezer)

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