Finding a Siamese with the right voice?

by ken

I'm beginning my research for the 2 Siamese we'll be getting. For me the most desired quality is a low, raspy, foul voice...I can't get enough of that fantastic attitude that's especially prevolent in a heavy "Siamese accent."

So my question is, is this a quality that breeders sometimes focus on? Can I navigate directly to the cat voice I want, or am I just going to have to hope for the best?

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Dec 06, 2011
My cats
by: Anonymous

My 3 Siamese cats from 3 different breeders all have high pitched voices that sound like babies crying. Not sure you can really tell how they're going to turn out voice-wise!

Dec 06, 2011
personalities and voices differ just like humans
by: angelina diantonio

All cats are different just like humans.If you rescue you can meet and observe the cats.The foster parent or Humaine Society can give you feedback. Maybe you could spend some time with the cats before you take them for good.Google : Siamese /

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