Flush's story

by Annet
(The Netherlands)



My first memory, 11 years ago, was that I was playing with my brothers and sisters, we were naughty and hung in the curtains. The human beings were I stayed then, got very angry with me and put me in a whiskey box, closed it, so I couldn?t get out. They brought me to a house were a cat lived and a woman who spoke another language I couldn?t understand. There was still another woman in the house, she was very nice to me and she promised me to take me with her to Holland. She was a little worried about me. She told me that the weather in Holland is much colder than here in Rhodes.

First I had to go to the vet for a passport and a bench. It was all new for me and therefore very exciting! But the most exciting thing had to come, flying in a Transavia ( haha, you, expert on aircrafts, know Transavia?) aeroplane. Because I was a kitten, I could stay with my new mistress and she let me looking through the window! The people in the plane liked me very much. It was a nice experience.
The first weeks in Holland were very cold for me, my coat became thicker and thicker and now still after 11 years I have kept my thick fur coat. Some people here think I?m a British Shorthair, but I am a Siamese mixture from the beautiful island Rhodes, Greece.
My home is a pleasant home with a garden full with fruit, flowers and vegetables. One of my mistresses always works in the garden and she likes I?ll be with her.
Still I felt lonely, I missed a cat friend. One day Igor came, a nice Siamese red point, a very funny cat and Tobias, an Oriental Shorthair ebony.
That poor Tobias, he stayed a little cat and was always ill. It turned out that Tobias had cat aids and that means he never would be recover.
One day, on a sunny Saturday afternoon, the garden mistress found Igor in the garden and he was unconscious, but not wounded but we have were very worried. We took Igor to the vet and it turned out that his body was full with ball shot. He was to much destroyed, so he died. We were very furious and very sad, how could someone do such things? Why? We asked everyone in the neighbourhood if they had seen something that Saturday afternoon or they know somebody who has a gun. It?s unbelievable, but finally we found the offenders! It were boys who have a gun for shooting jackdaws. When they were occupied with this they saw Igor who was curious what the boys were doing, the boys saw the cat and they wanted to frighten Igor! It?s an awful and terrible deed. The police has taken away that dreadful weapon and the boys have paid a lot of money, but Igor is dead, terrible!!!
A few days later Tobias died, he was ill and missed Igor to much!
A few months later there came a nice little lady, she called Roosje and she was a Siamese cream point. What a hunter she was, every day she caught 3 or 4 birds a day. We never had flies or other insects in the house, she caught them all. I had a great admiration for her!! How painful it was to find her dead under a car. It must have been a fatal crash.
A year later, I very much missed a catmate, so Legolas, a beautiful Siamese blue-point became my catfriend, and a day later, there came Daantje, a lilac Oriental Shorthair to cheer me up!
Legolas was a very typical cat and he liked to go his own way. He liked to go out alone for hours! Two years ago, he never came back and we never heard about him, although he had been chipped! It?s very, very miserable never to take farewell of such a independent and beautiful cat!
Meanwhile Tobias 2 arrived, he is an Oriental Shorthair ebony too! He is a very quick and talkative boy. Sometimes I think if he is a real cat or a toy cat. I play with him as if he is a toy! How funny!
Daantje and Tobias like adventures. We live across a medical practice. Once there stood an ambulance with open doors and yes I saw first Daantje go into the ambulance and then Tobias followed him! I shoudn?t do such things, I don?t like it, but Daantje and Tobias are very close friends! They like to do mischiefs! I let them do, but I like them very much and I hope they will be my friends for many many years.

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Nov 11, 2009
so sad
by: krystal

its so sad to hear the many losses flush has encountered. i hope that flush doesn't have to encounter any more sad moments. flush is a beautiful cat. take care.

Sep 11, 2009
Sweet Flush
by: lynn@we-are-siamese.com

Flush sure has had an amazing life. It is so sad for the losses we have had. I lost one of my 12 year companion kitties just this past summer. He was replaced by two more kitties! One really sweet one we named "Snowflake" a pure white kittie. On the verge of death. Her owners neglected her and turned her out. She has feline leukemia. After a couple of months she has done well, energy up, and gaining weight.

Enjoy your beautiful garden Flush! You beautiful boy!


Sep 02, 2009
What a story!!
by: Bénédicte

Poor Flush! So many dramas for a single cat!
Being a Cat is definitely not always that easy!!
Fortunately, it all ends well...

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