by Darnel

Miko at 1 month

Miko at 1 month

Well to begin this story I must inform you not to try this at home:) It was during summer last year(2009) when the fatal mistake happened. I had recently hung up a very sticky fly trap from my ceiling when I heard the cry for help. I only turned away for a second to throw away the wrapper and when I turned around there was Miko almost completely wrapped up in the fly trap. I, not knowing what to do exactly, thought I could just tear it off of her. That was not going to happen because once I started to pull she cried out and so I stopped. Well she just kept trying to get it off herself but while doing this she just kept panicking more and more. So I decided to just grab a hold of her and tear it off for her. Well that didn't go to well for her, but I did manage to remove it. So after all the fuss I tried to wipe the sticky stuff off with warm water and soap. That didn't work so I called her vet and asked what they thought I should do. They of course suggested the warm water and soap. I said I tried that and it didn't work. So I had to bring her in and have them take a whack at it. Well she didn't like it but it was real easy to fix. They just used baby oil to get rid of the sticky stuff and that was that!! Miko to this day still does not go after fly traps.

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Oct 03, 2010
Curiosity Killed the Cat..
by: Anonymous

I never quite understood this phrase until I owned a Siamese!

I am glad your kitty didn't get poisoned to boot~

Sep 05, 2010
Precious Miko
by: Anonymous

I still laugh at this story, though I am sure it was not funny at the time. How is Miko doing? He is so adorable.

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Apr 23, 2010
leave it to the flies!!
by: Anonymous

I hope I never have to experience that again!!

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