Food Fiend

by christine
(chesapeake, va)

Hi again!

i have a question/concern about one of my siamese....i leave dry food out for them 24/7 and feed them wet food in the mornings. on two separate occassions, one of them has thrown up both wet and dry food. the pieces look whole so from your online article about vomiting, i know it's from eating too fast. however, what i can't correlate is why are they eating so fast when the food is always there? i don't remove the food at all so it is always there for them to eat as they wish.

any advice?

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Feb 28, 2011
Cats that throw up a lot
by: Calistoga Susan

I had a Siamese that drove me nuts with throwing up. The vet suggested I put the food on a large tray so he couldn't gulp it. That helped some. He threw up just about anything I gave him, we or dry. Drs. Foster & Smith catalog has a special feeding dish for cats that throw up. You can also put the food in a plastic bottle with holes cut big enough for the pieces to fall out one or a few at at time. The cat bats the bottle around to get the food, eats slower and gets some exercise as well.

Feb 15, 2011
by: angelina diantonio

Ok ,My cats have a problem with wet food also.Cut down the amount by half and see if that helps.I bought tuna fish in the can.I give my cats that as a treat.I leave my dry food out all the time and my cats are fine.Maybe you need to put out 2 bowls of food in smaller amounts a couple times a day.Make sure you leave water out at all times.My cats love water.Romeo waits for fresh ,cold water all the time.Hope this helps.

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