Got three siamese females.

by Vlad

I have three of these cats. The mother and two daughters that nobody wanted (because of the gender and expenses of getting them spayed). Now, the three of them are active, playful and loving and all. Typical siamese, right? The mother, however, exhibits an odd behavior. From among my brothers and I, she hangs out with me more often, doesn't like my dad, since he hates cats, but my mother, who is a cat lover, is continuously rejected by her.

My mom tries to pet her, my cat goes away. My mom catches in a corner and tries to pet her, my cat hisses and growls, then escapes.

My mom is usually well liked by cats and stuff, but this particular cat of mine just doesn't like her.

What's up with that? Any ideas?

My dad thinks it may be something smell related, but he doesn't know for sure.

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Nov 28, 2011
she chose you
by: Amy F.

Siamese cats generally pick one person in the household that they like best, and will snub anyone else. Sounds like she has chosen you to be her owner!

Nov 03, 2011
Could be smell
by: angelina diantonio

The cat could be over protective of you and does not your mother to take you away from each other.

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