grieving cat

by dawn

can you offer any advice about our siamese cat please. she's 18 months old and we recently lost our male cat who was around 11 years old. we've also got a 6 months old siamese kitten and her behaviour towards her hasn't changed apart from not playing with her as much. she's often going to the places where our male cat used to like to sleep and is wailing frequently and loudly like she's in actual physical pain. she's also seems more jittery and nervous. we're going to buy a feliway plug in to see if that helps a bit. we're trying to pay her more attention and giving her more cuddles and also maintaining her feeding routine although her food intake has reduced as well. i understand she is grieving but don't know if there is anything else we can do to try to ease her pain?

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Dec 06, 2016
Grieving Siamese
by: Anonymous

My ten year old Siamese lost her 11 year old sister to ravaging IBD. It has been eight weeks now and her appetite is low and she searches and cries. The only thing that actually has made a difference is having company visit and pay her condolence calls. The presence of other people distracted her and relaxed her and healed her. Then when my houseguest and people who visited left, she was fine for one day and reverted back to grieving. Plenty of visitors helped my cat and also me. We are both grieving badly.

Sep 06, 2011
Grieving Animal
by: Anonymous

I know your pain. I lost one of two Burmese sisters at 8 months old. The remaining sister was devastated. She was so depressed and it scared me. I tried everything to shake her out of it. We took car rides (she hates the car); I held her in my arms and walked around outside (she's an inside cat). I kept trying everything outside of her comfort box to "wake" her up. We ended up getting a Siamese kitten and that is the only thing that brought my Burmese girl back to me. The kitten was very clingy and the Burmese was never alone (only if she hid from the Siamese due to affection overload). We also found leaving boxes on the floor helped. She loved to explore and it distracted her from emotional pain. My kids pulled her around inside the boxes, she loved it. She liked them upside down and wore them like a crab shell. Of course it brough the kitten into play too. Just keep trying everything you can think of... Best wishes. My heart is with you.

Sep 05, 2011
Pets grieve like we do.
by: angelina diantonio

After my Marcella passed ,her twin sister had a horrible time.Give her time to grieve !!!!

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