Hello! Is my Cat a Siamese?

by Saz
(United Kingdom)

Sterling sleeping

Sterling sleeping

I stumbled across this amazing website and wanted to ask a quick question! This is Sterling and she’s been with me for the past 4 weeks. She’s an absolute sweetheart! I’ve been told her dad could be a siamese and her mum is a black tabby! I saw a kitten really similar to her in another question so I thought I’d ask! Does she look like she could be a Siamese mix?

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Jun 15, 2021
Hazel NEW
by: Anonymous

She has hazel/gold eyes with a hint of blue at the very edge
The kitten I saw on here looks exactly like her! Thank you for your response!!

Jun 14, 2021
Is Sterling a Siamese
by: Lynn

Hi, thanks for finding my sight. Ok, it's really hard to tell because she doesn't seem to have any prominent points to her? Meaning that their coloration is going to be mostly in the head, tail, and legs, with a cream-colored body. But here is the big question. Does she have blue eyes? Or maybe grey-blue eyes? The blue/grey-blue eyes are also a major trait for Siameses.

Regardless she is adorable!

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