Help!! Scared 1 year old Siamese cat

(Oklahoma )

Scared Siamese

Scared Siamese

Yesterday I picked up a 1 year old female Siamese declawed and sprayed cat from a friend. She is sitting in her bed behind our chairs. Every time I look at her or talk to her she growls and is hissing I try to touch her and she bites me. Help!!! What do I do to help her settle down and feel safe

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Jun 29, 2021
Your Scared Siamese
by: Lynn

Thanks for finding my site. As with any new cats, especially if they are adults, there is going to be a period where they will have to adjust. Cats are such creatures of habit, and right now she has been taken from her home.

The best thing to do is give her space. Do not try to pet her right now. Just let her get used to her new home. Let her know you will not hurt her, she is really terrified right now. It may take weeks to months for her to totally adjust. When I brought home my Lynx point Siamese, she turned the house upside down for 6 months... because I had other cats too. And the cats had to adjust to each other.

Know that this is normal cat behavior. She will adjust and she will learn to love you, they always do, you just have to be patient. It's great that you adopted an adult cat since so many of them are homeless.

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