Help settling a new cat into my home

by Susan


I took in a rescue cat last weekend (6 days ago). I've been told he has no pedigree papers but his looks and personality seem to be very much a Siamese cat. I've been told he is about 7 years old. Orginally form a home with no other cats.

He's lovely with me, runs to greet me, just wants to sit on my knee etc, but is very agressive towards my two non Siamese cats (an older male cat 14 yrs and a male kitten 10 mths).

The Siamese originally growled and hissed at these two, but is now chasing them away, so it seems his agression is escalating, and I'm worried, and we're all miserable.

Apart from keeping them separate (I feed and pet him in a spare bedroom), is there anything else I can be doing? Is it likely that this situation will be reolved with time and patience, or do you think I'd be better re-homing him before I become too attached/he becomes too attached to me.

I hate him being in solitary confinement, but it's so unfair on my other cats that he's reacting like this. Neither of my existing cats has any territorial problems at all, and were happy to welcome him into the they are wary and do anything to avoid him.

At the moment, I wish I hadn't taken him but he was miserable in his home because a child was over enthusiastically pulling and kicking him.

Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Apr 08, 2012
time to rethink NEW
by: my2wins

I hate to say this, but I would probably re-home him. Just for the sake of your family's peace, and to be fair to your two cats, especially the elder one.

Look for a home with no children, no cats and no dogs. He seems to be an introvert or Alpha cat. Some animals don't play well with others. There are many siamese rescue foundations who I'm sure would be of great help in placing him.

Start thinking of him as a foster kitty so your heart doesn't get too attached. You'll be doing him and your family a big favor. There's nothing more frustrating for everyone than having one animal too many, especially if there's a compatibility issue. It can be a decade of misery. Life is too short, and he's so gorgeous that I would think he would be easy to place in the right environment.

(If you really want another cat, think about getting a young female. Sounds like possibly there's enough testosterone now.)

My two cents.

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