Help. She is spreading feces from her litter box

by Gen

Sammie came from Humane Society last week. She is 3 years old and is being treated for a respiratory infection. She is spreading feces all over bathroom where we confine her for short periods after she has eaten until she goes to the bathroom. We dont treat it as punishment and have tried a few different types of litter. She has urinated on the bedding several times. We are at a loss. Will try helpful tip of citrus oil on bed. Major concern is her spreading her feces.

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Mar 05, 2012
Will try your suggestion NEW
by: Gen

I'm all for the use of the herbal products. Also, we did "skimp" on the amount of litter in the box and have increased the amount in the box. No incidents maybe this will do the trick. Thanks for your input.

Mar 05, 2012
cat litter and box suggestion NEW
by: my2wins

There is something I read about that might be good for you. Try searching online for "Dr Elsey's cat attract" clumping cat litter with special herbs that help the cat go only in her box.

I use an XXL uncovered crate instead of a regular cat box as you want to get the litter 4 inches deep so it can't help but get buried. (I bought a 33 gallon clear storage crate from "the container store" but they have options at target and elsewhere)

Be sure you're removing solid waste at least once daily if not two or three times.

There is a great section on cat box use and problems on

Hope this helps.

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