Hey Jude

by Taylor Cobarruvias
(Houston, Texas, USA)

the day we got him :)

the day we got him :)

Jude is a Blue-Point Siamese and was not wanted by his mother or father anymore (so sad). My boyfriend is allergic to cats and I grew up with two. He really wanted to get me the perfect kitten. We looked for about 10 months and every opportunity we had some how ended up not working out. He came across a lady who was giving away free kittens that were 8 months old. When we went to her house, it was out in the boondocks and all the animals lived outside (pigs, horses, roosters, many other cats and kittens, dogs, etc.). She had five kittens in a small cage (2 black, 2 gray, and Jude). None of them looked 8 months; they were about 2 months old, 3 months at the oldest. As soon as Jude looked at me with those beautiful, stunning blue eyes, I looked at my boyfriend and he looked back at me, and we decided he was the one we were taking home before even holding him!! When the lady gave him to me he was very sweet and instantly started purring. He was filthy though!! he had fleas EVERYWHERE, his nails were needle sharp and his hair was matted. Other than that, he seemed relatively healthy. She told me his mother was a babydoll cat and no idea where or what the father was. We told her we had made our choice and she said "he's yours" and told us he was free!! When we got him in the car, he explored all over and finding every nook and cranny. He is now a healthy 5 months old and is a little booger. He is very playful and very sweet when he wants to be. He is beginning to show some stripes on his upper leg area of all four legs as well as on the sides of his face.

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Aug 03, 2011
He is adorable !!!
by: angelina diantonio

OMG how cute !!!! Keep us updated with stories and pictures. He is so beautiful. You can see what a great personality he has already.

Aug 03, 2011
Beautiful Kitten
by: Anonymous

Oh my gosh... I would have taken all those kittens :) Your baby is adorable. Congrats !

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