Hiding Cat

by Ruth Ann Moffett
(Woodlyn, PA)

Hi, I just read Shelly's question about her hiding cats. Well, we adopted a year old chocolate point named Mona. The adoption was private and the story went that the man could no longer afford her. He told us she was a year old and had never had any vetinary care. We have had her about a month now and she hides and sleeps all day. She starts up at night sing-songing and will talk to you. She's especially peppy at 4 am! She eats well and uses the litter box all at night when no one can see her and seems to be terrified of any human contact. We need to get her to the vet, but I don't want to tramatize her any further inasmuch as she has never been to the vet. I am not looking forward to that trip. I know all cats are different, but when is it time to realize that she may never want to socialize? Also, any tips on the trip to the vet's?

Thanks for any input.
Ruth Ann

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Jun 18, 2015
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by: james

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