How do you keep a cat off furniture

by Jessica Mashburn
(Athens, TN)



I have a 11 week old blue point siamese cat. I cannot seem to keep her off the furniture. I know cats are hard to keep off furniture. First I tried just knocking her off and she just kept coming back. Next I tried using the squirt bottle of water and that works to get her off of it but later she just comes right back. Do you have any other suggestions on how to keep her off my couches and chairs??

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Oct 02, 2010
Cats Were meant to be decorations on our furniture
by: judy from Long Island (Jasmine's owner)

Why would you want to keep your cat off the furniture? My German Shepherd is not allowed on the furniture (except my bed,of course), but I think it is nearly impossible to keep cats off the furniture. If it is shedding or claws that concern you, perhaps you could put a pretty throw over the areas she likes to lie on. I actually think that cats looking beautiful on furniture adds to the warmth of a home. (IMHO).

May 19, 2010
Keeping kitty off the couch
by: Meezer House

After you make a special place for her when she goes where she is not supposed to go you can pick her up and put her in her special place. We told ours it was there special place until they learned to associate the phrase "go to your special" place with their spot.

If she insists on going where you don't want her in a firm voice tell her "NO BAD" (don't use her name as you don't want to make a negative association with her name) and remove her from the spot. It is important when you do this not to engage her in play or petting or anything like that. Ignore her for 2 to 5 minutes unless she goes back to the spot, at which point you'll have to start over again. We found all of our cats quickly understood that when we were displeased with them we would ignore them. They hated the "cold shoulder" and quickly stopped doing things that "got them into trouble"

May 14, 2010
there's more ways than one:)
by: Darnel W.

I would suggest trying to designate an area or a space that she can associate as hers to do as she pleases. For instance you get a big pillow or cushion for her to sleep on. I can also suggest that you try spraying Neem oil on your furniture to help keep her off. It is not harmful to the animal and because the smell to them is not pleasant they will stay away from anything it's sprayed on. I used it on a banzai tree I have because my chocolate point wouldn't stop eating it and still to this day she doesn't eat it! If anything just try to coax her into understanding that this area here is for kitty to sleep and play and soon enough she'll get the idea you've set forth and know that kitty is not allowed on the furniture. Just remember that the Siamese breed are very intelligent and can be trained.
So hang in there and good luck.

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