How to Balance Business Start-Up with New Pet Care

Welcoming a new pet into your life at the same time you launch a new business venture can be a doubly exciting prospect! To ensure both your company and your companion get the time and focus each deserves, you've got to master the art of time management. Not all pets are the same, so it’s also important to know as much as you can about your pet’s breed and temperament. For example, a website like All About the Siamese Cat can help you understand important specifics about this particular breed.

Get Your Business Ready To Roll

If at all possible, get your primary business planning well in hand before you bring home your new pet. Having the key processes taken care of will help ensure you have time available to get your new family member acclimated to its environment. If you haven't created a business and marketing plan, now's the time to do so. Also, consider forming a limited liability company, or LLC. This can give you flexibility, reduce paperwork, protect you from some types of liability, and make it easier to file taxes. You can hire an expensive attorney to manage the paperwork, do the legwork yourself, or hire a formation company to handle things on your behalf. States have different requirements — for example, this is how you form a Montana LLC — so learn yours in advance.

Establish Space and Buy Equipment

Whether you're working from a home office or a storefront location, outfit your workspace in a way that will help you be organized and productive. According to the Ergonomics Health Association, furniture design can make a difference in how you feel physically. At minimum, you will need desks, task chairs, computers and printers, and storage or conference space, if appropriate. If your pet will spend time with you in your office, carve out a safe space where they can be comfortable, like an alcove where you can situate a bed or play yard. Have toys, chews, litter box, and bedding on hand to keep your fur baby happy, safe, and occupied while you work.

Find Reliable Pet Care

Even if you plan to keep your pet with you the majority of the time, it's wise to find reliable alternative care in the event you need it. For example, if you have to take a meeting or travel for work, you'll rest easier knowing you have a trained and caring pet sitter to come to your home or office, or alternatively, a place for you to drop off your companion. Pet resorts and daycares cater to busy professionals, so find a place that's a good fit and get your baby registered so they're available when you need them.

Use Tech Resources

There are many apps that can be helpful when you're starting a business and bringing a new pet into the fold. You can use a pet med app to quickly troubleshoot worrisome symptoms or get first-aid tips, and tools like video monitors can help you keep eyes on your pet from afar. You can even download an app that will help you quickly find your pet in the event they wander away! According to Reader’s Digest, fun and helpful gadgetry pet care items include robot-trainers and remote-operated toys to engage your pet.   

While you’ll definitely have your hands full managing a business launch and a new pet simultaneously, both have the potential to add so much meaning and happiness to your life. Getting prepared in advance will help smooth the path of both pursuits, and give you the best overall outcomes.

If you’re welcoming a cat into your life, you can learn helpful tips and information by visiting All About the Siamese Cat.

Photo by Pixabay

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