Howling Siamese, Please, anything, help!

by Danielle
(Minneapolis, MN)

I don't know what to do for my little meezer girl.

I have a 2 year old Siamese girl (spayed) who I have had since she was 10 weeks old. She is my fondest companion and generally a very good girl, but lately she has been unbearable.

She sits by the door and howls and howls like she's super upset but nothing makes her happy. Then when I go to stop her she flies across my studio apartment flinging things off tables in her path. She hangs off the flat screen tv for attention, tries to bite and generally just yells. She's pull paper out of drawers and just generally find naughty things to do.

Here is how her day goes:

I work from 10am to 2pm, other than that I'm usually working from home so I am with her much of the day. I'm a grad student so I have to get work done though and cannot attend to her every second.

When I leave the house I put treats in her puzzle feeder and leave her tons of toys. She has a water fountain, a cat tree by an open (screened) window, little play cubes, mice, balls, cat beds, puzzle toys - everything. She eats a raw food diet three times a day and is a healthy weight. Most days when I return home I take her for a walk on her leash. I feel like I do everything for this cat and yet she still screams by the door sometimes for hours. I had to wire the tv to the wall so she wouldn't knock it over.

She is always quiet when the lights go out and goes right into bed with me, but if I'm staying up too late working she'll start howling until I go to bed.

She is worst on the days I cannot take her out. If it's raining obviously I'm not going to walk with her through the mud, but it just makes her so naughty and upset. I know she must be bored and I try to play with her but she doesn't really 'play' with people. She doesn't really care for her toys and I'm always rotating them and buying new ones but she simply cannot entertain herself and won't chase things I throw for her.

I cannot afford to have another cat. What can I do? How can I stop her yelling for attention? She seems so upset and bored but nothing I get her makes her happy unless I am directly paying attention to her every minute of every day. I have to finish my MFA and I just can't bear the hours of yelling.

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