i pee where i sleep and bite the hand that feeds me

by Ryan
(Richmond, ky)

taking over the bed between sheet changing

taking over the bed between sheet changing

I am the proud owner of a Flame-point Siamese named Pearl. He is quite unique as are many Siamese however, there are several specific traits that make him quite the interesting friend. for one, he sleeps curled up in a tiny little ball in the bathroom sink, waiting for the nest pottyer to venture in where he loves, nuzzles, trills, and shows a great deal of affection to said pottyer. in many instances he'll actually join the festivities and pee down the sink drain while pottyer is doing said duty. amongst the love he shows to his bathroom visitors, he love bites and grabs at you to stay if you are trying to leave. he is loved

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May 22, 2010
Peeing down the drain
by: Tibet's MeMe

A now deceased cat that I had adopted when he was 9 had the unusal habit of peeing down the bathtub drain or shower stall drain. It wasn't a daily habit, but something he did on occaission. In his 21st. year, he wasn't as flexible and the shower stall drain became what I referred to as his "Man Box".

Amusing to watch the two younger cats follow him into the bathroom. They'd watch him use the drain as his Man Box in curiosity by peaking around the shower curtain.

I can only imagine that cats much be able to pick-up on the scent of urine. However faint that comes up through the plumbing drain.

Look at the positive, be greatful it is an area where you don't have to worry about clean-up and odor.

Feb 21, 2010
unique habits
by: lynn@we-are-siamese.com

Those Siamese cats sure develop strange habits and rituals. Looks like Pearl is trying to be a human.

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