Inside the Box

by Steve

I have a female Siamese who is about 2 years old. This is the only cat that I know of who does not cover her #2 when she is done. Is this normal behavior for a Siamese?

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Apr 23, 2011
by: Steve

Thank you for the comment Lynn. At least I know my cat is not the only one on the planet that doesn't do this.papaya

Apr 23, 2011
Litter box behavior
by: Lynn

My Siamese doesn't cover hers either. But I think that it is a personal preference with the cats. I have one cat that digs and digs, and digs... and even covers the others who won't cover their own. One of my cats does his business, will not cover it up, and afterwords immediately runs all over the house as if to escape the smell.

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