Interested in Older Siameses

by Jan
(Dallas, TX)

My oldest Siamese, female, is 20.5 years old. She has some stable medical conditions and also is blind. Samantha is strong and has always been strong-willed. I am following her lead about her desire to be with us and, so far, her desire is very intact. I am interested in knowing about other Siameses who are elderly, especially those who are around Samantha's age. How is your cat doing? What care do you give?

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Jan 06, 2012
Older Siameses
by: Jan

Hi, Beatrice
Thank you for your post. Yes...hydration is important. Samantha has had slightly elevated kidney values for several years. Currently, I give sub-q fluids five days a week, which she tolerates well. As her vet says, they are extending her life. Not all cats tolerate the procedure, and I have been a bit surprised that Samantha as been an accepting cat, but she does well.

Jan 06, 2012
Old Siamese
by: Beatrice

Dear Jan,

Unfortunately my Siamese Pandy is very young, but my Lilac Burmese is old and is running into difficulties with his kidneys. Apparently in many of these pure-breeds, the kidneys are the first rgans to decline. Still 20 years is a good age, teeth and gums also need to be watched out for any decay. But it is important to keep these cats well hydrated.

I hope that this helps.

Kind regards,

Beatrice from Co. Wicklow in Ireland

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