Introducing new kittens in the house

by Marie M

Hi We have a 12 year old blue point Siamese neutered male cat who is now the love of our lives since his beloved brother died last year. He has been very anxious since then (obviously separation anxiety) and is very attached to both my partner and I. We now have taken in 2 stray kittens - we sadly had to trap their homeless mum and take her to a petrescue vet. She had been in our street for a year and these were her 2nd litter of kittens. We couldn't bear any more to be born and at that time we also had a german shepherd dog and the 2 siamese so we couldn't take her in. Since then she had this new lot of kittens (about 4 months ago), our lovely dog died and then the Siamese. We have the littlies in one of our bathrooms (they don't have the run of the house yet)and we want to introduce them to our older cat but every time he sees them (only a glimpse thru 2 doorways so far) he runs and hides. We are afraid he will start peeing everywhere as he's had a lot of changes to deal with in the last few months. They are very sweet kittens, purring all the time although still a bit scared from living on the streets. Can you suggest the best way to intro them? Also one is male and one female so we know we need to get them neutered soon - should we do the boy first or get them done at the same time?

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Apr 03, 2012
Thanks to Linda!
by: Marie M

Thanks for the info Linda! We've had the boy neutered now and the girl will be done this week - she's a bit smaller and the vet thought we should wait. We still have them separated from the older male but are letting them spend time in his room (when he's off sleeping somewhere else!). Once she's recovered from her operation, we will spend more time on introductions. We are taking it slowly and we are using some Feliway spray too.

Mar 18, 2012
New kittens
by: Linda

I think you are doing fine as you are. Keep the kittens in a room on there own and bring them out for a very short time every day. That way they will be putting there sent around. Your cat will get used to there sent and them. Give the old cat a treat when the kittens are out. Let him hide if he wants. He will come around.
When I got my second cat my first cat was very unhappy about it. She was growlling and hissing and even went for me a couple of times when she smelt the other cat on me. Now they are best friends and always cuddled up together. I also bough one of the Feliway plugs for the older cat. It is great stuff and really does help. Play the long game your cat will love the company in the end. I am so glad you found the kittens and they now have a lovely new home.
Talk to the vet but I think you could get the kittens done at the same time. If you can only afford to do one at a time. I would do the male first.
Good luck.

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