Is my Siamese cat lonely?

by Lisa
(Manchester )

I am considering getting a companion for my 8th Month Siamese kitten Mishka. I was thinking a Russian Blue or another Siamese. I have heard that they can be very jealous, would she take umbrage with a new arrival in her home turf? She does seem happy on her own, however, myself and my partner do work during the day, so I do worry about her getting lonely on her own!

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Oct 16, 2015
Boon Ton
by: Boon Ton

Help us to understand :)

Jan 26, 2012
I have just got a second SIAMESE
by: Linda from London

I had a Siamese seal point that was a year old. My son worked nights and we worked days. She was used to having someone around all the time. When my son left home my cat was at home all day on her own. She would run and sit by the door in the morning to stop myself and my husband leaving her. She would be at the door when we got home waitting for us. She was a very spoilt little girl and even sleeps in the bed with us. We bought a second kitten (12 weeks old), 8 weeks ago. She was very jealous and hissed at the kitten and us. She was really cross with us. She even started Bitting me when I picked her up because she could smell the kitten off me. I would bring the kitten out for about 20 minuets at a time. Three or four times a day. After about a week things changed. I think when she seen how small the kitten was she seemed to calm down and sniff the kitten then run away. Now they are best friends and follow each other everywhere. They cuddle up together and she is always washing him. I know my cat Packer is much happier to have her brother Crixus. I am so glad I got her a friend. I think if you are going to get a second cat make it a young kitten. Cats seem to except a kitten much quicker than a cat. Good luck.

Sep 03, 2011
2 is company
by: angelina diantonio

I always have 2 cats to keep each other company. Mine have always been siblings. I would try to interact the cats first to see if they get along. You might want to introduce a cat around the same age instead of a kitten. Ask your vet. I would definitely see if they get along first.

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