Is this a kitten or a kill?

by Karen Sands
(Ayrshire , Scotland)


I have 2 siamese cats but this question is about my firepoint. She is blind and has been since birth. She can see some dark shaddows but nothing else. We don't move furniture about so that she knows where everything is and she does really well. She responds very well to our voice commands and comes like a dog when my husband whistles or shouts her.

She "adopted" a soft slipper some years ago and carries it about in her mouth a lot. Sometimes she makes this awful crying noise when she has it in her mouth, somethimes we find it in the dogs water bowl or sometimes it is found in her food bowl. At night precluding her sleep time she throws this slipper into the air and play fights with it

My question is does she think this is a kitten that she is carrying about or does she think it is a kill (i.e. a dead bird or mouse) or does she just think it is a toy? The noise she makes when she is carrying it about would reduce you to tears it is so woeful!!!!!

Thanks for any advice


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Mar 01, 2012
Slippers NEW
by: angelina diantonio

My two daughters got fuzzy slippers for Christmas.All the cat toys I bought they could care less about.The slippers are the hot item.They throw them up in the air and run around the house with them.Too funny and cute.Of course my daughters want to know why the slipper has a rip in them.Oh well.Everyone shares in my house.

Feb 22, 2012
Playing NEW
by: Anonymous

My lynx point does the same thing with her toys. Usually it means that she wants us to play "fetch" with her. We throw the toy and she runs to retrieve it for us, like a dog! With your cat being blind, I'm not sure if you play fetch with her or not, but maybe just tug on the toy in her mouth a bit, and be playful with her at those times.

Feb 22, 2012
Kitten or kill NEW
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

I was nearly reduced to tears reading this, poor little thing being blind, and cats rely so much on their sight. I don't really know, my chocolate point throws my fur gloves up in the air, pretending it is the kill, but perhaps because your cat has lost her sight, she is more vocal and expressive in terms of her tone. I don't know whether this is the kitten she never had, ( I presume that she has not given birth,) or if it is a longing to get out and hunt. It is hard to know, but I suspect it is the latter.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Beatrice from Co. Wicklow in Ireland.

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