Is this a Siamese kitten

by Julie Cox
(VIrginia, United States)

I just got this kitten who is suppose to be around 12 weeks old. I'm wondering if this is a Siamese kitten if so what type is it. It does have blue eyes also. I had to take 3 photo's because the kitten would not stay still. Any information will help out a lot. Thanks

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Nov 28, 2011
Lynx Seal Point
by: Amy F.

She looks like my Willow, who is a Lynx Seal Point. Her hair looks a bit longer than mine though...otherwise, they are very similar.

Aug 31, 2011
Lynx Point Shorthair
by: Lynn

What an adorable kitten.
Here is my link to the color point shorthairs:

Scroll down and you will see the lynx points.

The Colorpoint Shorthairs are considered a hybrid breed of the Siamese. You might have a Blue Lynx Point, but with the lighting its hard to tell.

They are so beautiful, you are very lucky!

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