by Danielle
(Douglas, WY, US)

Are Siamese cats more prone to skin irritations? My female Siamese has been battling what many vets have called allergies. Do you have any suggestions on products that offer relief. She is on anti-histamines, but the medication doesn't seem to relieve her completely.

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Oct 29, 2011
Any luck?
by: SisterSusie

My parents cat is experiencing similar skin problems. It starts out as little bumps that he scratches until they bleed. It's not fleas. They also biopsied to rule out skin cancer and it came back negative. Of course, the biopsy site cant heal since he scratches it. They tried antihistamines with no real change. My mom is trying different foods but nothing seems to be working. On top of this he is diabetic but he no longer has to take insulin-they call him a transient diabetic. Any help would be appreciated.

Mar 23, 2011
Food allergies
by: angelina diantonio

Maybe she is having food allergies.

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