Javanese Cat

Javanese cat

The Javanese cat is also a Siamese wrapped in flowing silky coat with a long plumed tail. However, the Javanese is specifically a long-haired version of the colorpoint shorthairs (follow link about the colorpoint shorthairs). So basically a Balinese is to Siamese as a Javanese is to a colorpoint shorthair. Javanese like the Balinese are color pointed cats that fall outside the typical color points as seen in the Balinese (seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac). Javanese are colorpoint cats that display odd or uncommon coloration. These can be red, white, Tabbie, and tortie (as in tortoiseshell). With the combination of these color patterns an estimation of 16 or more can be seen in these beauties. The most extravagant is the mosaic appearances that can be brought about from the tortie point, which is basically a Calico Javanese. Tortie markings can vary from a soft splash of red and cream with a background of seal, chocolate, blue or lilac to extremely bold blotches of color giving them a awkward appearance.

Tortie Javanese

Tortie point Javanese

Just like their Siamese relatives, the Javanese has a very flamboyant personality. They are very smart and inquisitive with a larger than life temperament. Though they can be talkative they have a softer voice than the Siamese and are not as vocal. Just like the Balinese, their coats are not as fluffy as most long hared breeds and are simple to groom.

Javanese have been around for as long as the Balinese. Just like the Balinese, they made their appearance in litters of Colorpoint Shorthairs. Most of these resulted from breeders of Balinese using the colorpoint shorthairs to introduce additional color patterns int the Balinese breed. In 1986 the CFA accepted the Javanese into championship competition.

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