keeping a siamese kitten in an apartment??

by new pet owner

hi, i have never kept any pets before- only have had a betta fish for the past 3 months and i am really eager to have a cat too. i am single and live in a 1 bedroom apartment on the fourth floor of a high rise block of flats. could you help me with some basic advise??.... is it very expensive? will the kitten be missing out on outside life? do i need to carry it and go for a walk or would a basket do or do i not have to take it out at all?? would it try and escape and even jump off my balcony?? would another breed of cat be better indoor in an apartment than a siamese? and wold a kitten be better than an adult/ young adult cat? cheers. P.

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Nov 25, 2012
cats and apartments NEW
by: Anonymous


I have two cats, one tabby and one part-siamese, who have lived in apartments (never allowed outside) as long as we've been together. The biggest problem is ensuring that they get enough exercise - when I lived in a studio, both my girls had trouble with weight gain. Regular play-time helps a lot. Other than that, I never had a significant issue (outside of making sure that my landlord would accept cats).

I'd also recommend adopting an adult cat - kittens are very easy to get adopted. Also, with a grown-up cat, you don't have to worry about litter-training or anything like that - you can see what they're like, personality-wise.

Good luck!

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