Kiki and Family

by Ashley Carpenter
(Wausau, Fl. United States)



Kiki is a quarter Siamese, a quarter Persian, and we don't know what her dad was. Kiki is almost four years old. She's quite vocal and used to be very temperamental. Then, almost seven weeks ago she had her first litter of kittens. Since then she has calmed down a lot. This is Kiki and her family-Bert (male, black with white spots on his lower stomach, under his left leg, and on the tip of his tail), Jem (male, mostly black except for some white hairs in random places), Zander (male, color unknown), Silver (female, color unknown), and Silk (female, long furred white kitten with blue points with upper tail fur tipped in white, a white patch at the end of her tail, bi-color face, and tan spots).

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