Kinkie, my Cat

by Renee
(Lake Charles, la.)

I adopted her from the Tacoma Humane Society, or shall I say, she adopted me. I came in looking for a playmate for my make cat Dusty, and looking at all the pets, I seen a liter of simese cats, so I moved closer to the plate glass and and this little kitten, mostly black with white paws, a Tabby started climbing on the glass as if it was trying to come through. One of the workers said they would put me in a room with the two kittens of my choice to see how I matched, I choose Kinkie and ano

ther blackkitten with with spots. The other kitty tremmbled with fear. So Kinkie was crawling all over me and purring so loud the staff could hear her, so she was the one. I paid the fee and returned the next week to pick her up in the little box, she was only nine weeks old, but before I could get to my truck she was out the box, in my arms, she has a kink in her tail and it is short her mother was simese, and four of her sisters were also simese, there were only two there were not full simese Kinkie and the black and white one. She does talk as the simese cats do and she has habits as they do, but she is short in stature, but very smart. She has taught my other cat to be verbal and they open doors. They are both tabbies. My question is. Is Kinkie Simese Family?

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May 15, 2019

by: Lynn

This is such a beautiful story. Sometimes you just know. The cat sees you, and then you are hers. They claim you, they choose you. She is so adorable.

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