kitty behaving badly

by helena

could you please help. I have a 6 month old siamese seal point male. when he's good he is very loveable and most of the time it like that but then he turns agressive biting sraching and attacking for no apprant reason. I try to ignore him when he is like this but when he attacts its hard not to defend your self . Could he get better once he is desexed

I do not have other cats. I love him dearly but fear he may really hurt me one day if i'm not careful, please help

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Jul 12, 2010
Try This
by: Darnel W.

I had an experience with my chocolate point when she was about a 1 year old similar to what you're describing. I was laying on the floor with her just laying with a string when all of a sudden out of no where she started to attack me. She was biting,scratching,and at one point locked her jaw closed on my hand and wrist. She would not let go no matter what I did. The more I tried to do something she would bite harder. So I called my roommate into my room as I was yelling why I needed her she came into my room stomping her feet. Which in turn made my kitty freeze and let go of me.She ran into the closet and froze again when my roommate went to pick her up to show her that made mommy bleed and that's not okay. So, while showing my kitty the blood she drew from me, she proceeded to lick at my wounds and I have not had an out burst of what I call wild kitty syndrome.I say if your kitty is only doing this at moments that seem like he should be relaxed you could try just not reacting at all to him if he's using you like a kicker toy. It works out to where if you go limp and don't say anything they'll lose interest real quick. You try getting something for him that he knows he's allowed to rip apart or claw and put in an area he knows is his space only. these are all things I've tried and had success with so I hope the best for whatever you decide.

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