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Mar 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hi.i have a siamese cat .from the past few days he's sleeping alot i dont understand that why he is sleeping too much.he's not eating his food by himself he is eating from my hand

Feb 14, 2012
Is he getting enough attention?
by: Andria

Are you working more? Paying less attention to him?? Sounds like he is demanding attention. This may also explain why he sleeps by your head, he wants your attention, wants to be cuddled.
I also agree with the people who said it may have something to do with being declawed. It's a very cruel thing to do to a cat. He may be acting out but again he may just be demanding your attention. He may not like to play with the toys by himself. My cat is older but she never really like playing by herself. She would participate and play if I was playing with her. Dragging yarn, twirling it above her head, or moving my hand or something under a sheet, she would go crazy. If I bought her a toy and didnt play with her she wouldnt want anything to do with it. Try interacting with him to get him to play. He may be bored and trying to get you to play with him by nipping at you.

Feb 07, 2012
by: Felicia

Thank you everyone for your comments. I might have been misunderstood. He is a very fat and lovey cat. I love him like crazy. He is very spoiled and he loves attention at all times. I'm not petting him wrong or don't know how to pet him. I was inquiring on why he occasionaly bites while petting. He seems nit realize he does it. Also I don't mind him in bed with me sometimes but didn't know why he has to be by my head. Didn't know if it was just something all cats did or if it was because a feeling of security. Thanks to everyone which responded.

Feb 07, 2012
Lazy Cat
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

He bites because that is his only defence, he has been de-clawed. How anybody can do this, is beyond me. It is truly barbaric.

Be patient with him.


Beatrice from Ireland

Feb 06, 2012
one more thought
by: my2wins

Ps. I don't know this first hand, nor have I ever met a declawed cat, but I would suspect they have been traumatized after such a barbaric procedure. It is really quite torturous from what I understand. Keep in mind your little guy might be under post-traumatic stress, as silly as that may sound. Just imagine if someone cut off the tips of your fingers. You'd be pissy too.

Feb 06, 2012
see also
by: my2wins

sounds like he's a very normal cat. Do you ever read the Garfield cartoon? :}

In all seriousness, there is a certain way to touch a cat, and not cats like the same touches. I am a cat person through and through and I have only once met a cat that didn't like the way I petted her/him. It took me a few hours to figure out what it liked and what it didn't. (That was at a cocktail party and I'm sure I was being anti-social, but I would not rest until I cracked the code).

I've noticed that Persians are usually very different than other cats. And girls seem more particular than boy kitties.

You might want to look at this youtube video on how to pet a cat just to refresh yourself on technique:

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